Bye Bye Brownies

At 1.30 every day of the week, on my lunch break, I go down the road to certains l’aiment chaud, a sandwich shop where I always have a quick coffee and occasional brownie. I have chosen this as my ‘local’ mainly because of Bruno and Frank who work there. As his token English friend, Bruno sees me as representative of everything British (for him this means Rock n’ Roll, the Beatles, and red post-boxes), and has stories which leave my coffee cold. Frank makes the cakes, using some of his own recipes. I always volunteer to test out his new ideas, and feel I am really contributing to the company (for example I had to break it to Frank that white chocolate brownies just did not cut the…icing).

Much to my horror (as this may mean no more free cake-consumption) Frank is leaving to focus on his other ‘job’….

The Toubab Allstars.

Not only does he play the bass for this incredible ska-reggae-ragga band, but he also DJs at a relatively new joint in town, the Pavillon du Lac des Buttes Chaumont, a bar/club hidden in the park itself. AND IT’S FREE!

So whilst I may not be able to scoff any more brownies gratos, I console myself with the knowledge that Frank will be able to focus properly on his music…and has one more fan heading soon to the dance floor. Why don’t you check it out too?



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