Que sais-je?

Good question.

Before you ask, yes it is a Monday…and this technically means I should be working. And while I promise I’m not the Facebook Five-Minutes-Refresher kinda gal, it seems that no-one in the 6th wants to buy any books today…so I am free to blog away, huzzah!

Working here is a bit stop and start, so I don’t have the time to get into a weighty novel. Instead, I’m making the most of my environment and dipping into the Que Sais-Je collection from Flammarion. With punchy titles like “La Prestidigitation” (ok perhaps not that punchy), these little wallet-sized books are perfect for getting the brain whirring just enough to make the head-bangingly slow period between 11-1 almost bearable. This one’s making me want to go to the Museum of Magic by the Village Saint Paul, to make up for Paris’ total apathy towards Halloween (and Fireworks Night as well while we’re there, although I do understand Guy Fawkes didn’t really have anything to do with France, but still…)

I am fairly certain that learning how to make things disappear can only be a useful skill on my CV, especially in the current economic climate. Food for thought.

(Quickly, while I’m thinking about food, I was told the other day that reading and eating at the same time is bad for indigestion. Am most concerned. If I distract myself with a book, I can pretend that my soggy tuna salad is actually a chicken and mushroom pie.)



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