It’s All About the Alhambra

On the very *rare* occasion that I am a) running late, b) have run out of milk, or c) scoffed all my cereal at 3am the night before, I am reluctantly forced to sprint down the road to my local boulangerie for a quick pain au raisin. En route, I always pass an uber-cool-looking theatre called the Alhambra.

Now a theatre is not the sort of place you go in just to ‘have a look around’; you normally need to actually have a purpose (ie. watch something). But now, having been invited to see Marina and the Diamonds, I have had a legitimate reason to poke about inside this quirky little venue.

From big numbers such as the upcoming Beatles Celebration Night to relatively unknown performers such as Lio, a cutsy cutsy pop-rock amazonian (yes, an unexpected combination), the Alhambra is somewhere you should really check out if you want to be pleasantly surprised by what Paris has to offer in terms of smaller gig venues.

You’ll find me chillin’ with Marina (backstage, after we become besties and she invites me to join her on tour) on the 30th of november. As she would say, who needs Hollywood?



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