A word from the Headmistress

I, like a lot of my friends, am going through a period where everything is changing. Leaving University, and the reassuring confines of deadlines- where everything has a to be finished by date- there is nothing more intimidating that one’s first adult decision whose consequences have no foreseeable end: The First Job.

Hate school? It’s only temporary.
Hate university? It’s only temporary.
Hate your job?



But things aren’t nearly as dramatic as my brain tries to persuade me they are. Although I have been marinating in “thinkCVthinkCVthinkCV” for a decade, I do know that if something isn’t right, it’s never too late to abandon ship. It is this flicker of rationality that has enabled me to make some important decisions of late without spontaneously combusting.

Nevertheless, when my toes are peeking over the edge of a GROWN-UP FUTURE (maybe even, perhaps, a career) I inadvertently find myself scuttling back to STUFF I LIKED WHEN I WAS SMALL.

Hence (and the reason behind this unexpectedly lourd post) my sudden fascination with books that I have not picked up for years. Going home for a quick weekend found me rooting through my bookcase and going to sleep with a copy of Malory Towers, which unfortunately appears to have taken a few dips in the bath over time (and is also wearing some mysterious grass stains).

The point is that, even over here in a city of culture and beauty, exploding literary scenes, and music from around the world, sometimes nothing will do except nostalgic indulgence…something from where you come from. And I think it is hugely important.

So I’m going to throw myself forward whilst never letting go of what brought me here in the first place. And although Enid Blyton isn’t directly responsable for decisions I make ici, I’m not pretentious enough to pretend that it wasn’t passages like these that have stuck:

I want you all to listen to me for a minute or two. One day you will leave this school and go out into the world as young women. You should take with you eager minds, kind hearts and a will to help. You should take with you a good understanding of many things and a willingness to accept responsibility, and show yourselves as women to be loved and trusted. All these things you will be able to learn at Malory Towers — if you will.

I do not count as our successes those who have good scholarships and passed exams, though these are good things to do. I count as our successes those who learn to be good-hearted and kind, sensible and trustable, good, sound women the world can lean on. Our failures are those who do not learn these things in the years they are here…
Some of you will find it easy to learn these things, others will find it hard…But, easy or hard, they must be learnt if you are to be happy after you leave here, and if you are to bring happiness to others.

– Miss Grayling, headmistress of Malory Towers

All my love,

A nostalgic Mustard

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1 Response to A word from the Headmistress

  1. Sparky says:

    Amazing. Might dig my own out for a re-read 🙂


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