Paris Secret

Now that my entire life revolves around hunting down the best articles on the web, I am coming across more and more blogs that make me want to swizzle around on my wheely chair with joy. This one,

is exactly the sort of blog I would love to read properly (if I didn’t have quite so many spreadsheets to fill in and quotas to reach *boo*).

And for those readers who are not in Paris, have a look at today’s post (8th December) and you’ll see what a lovely surprise the weather had in store for us. It seems like the avalanche of snow that descended at around 11am. came as a surprise to everyone…including the gritters. Keep on scrolling and you’ll see a mosaic that looks suspiciously like that of the restaurant where I work. Hmmm.

Anyway, in order to celebrate this babe of a blog, I have eaten almost my entire advent calendar (as per usual). I have left the 12th undemolished. I don’t know why I did this. At the time it seemed better if I left one door closed…

 Good Tidings!



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