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I have just been checking out the website of another Anglophone bookshop in the 6th, Berkeley Books of Paris, and came across their Poem of the Day, which feels at home on this blog; capturing both the private and public.

The News
A really satisfactory day: so many we know
in the obituaries. The solemn importance of what
it means to survive comes home to us. Indeed,
a lot has been rectified: for a long time,
nothing had happened, or anyway nothing much.
One was almost of a mind to sit and look
at his navel or up at the sky, things very nice,
no doubt, but nothing ever happens there, and besides,
we can’t understand them anyway. But now,
things are moving again: almost war
in the west and riots in several places. Steps
will have to be taken to deal with these. Speed
has advanced another notch. There seem to be signs
that monies are bigger. Did you see? In the mountains, floods
have occurred;and the winters are growing colder — or wait,
it was warmer it said. No matter. At any rate,
something is happening; events accumulate
at last. This, I think, is a crucial time.
William Bronk 1918-1999

As a thank-you for their excellent taste in modern poetry, I must encourage you all to go over to Berkely Books of Paris (8 Rue Casimir-Delavigne, 75006), between the hours of 11am and 4pm Tuesday through Saturday, or between 4pm and 8pm on Monday to sell or exchange your books (not the really crappy ones please).



ps. Thank you William Bronk as well.

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