Les Arts Décoratifs; Making Furniture Interesting

 For some factual information: 

The museums of Les Arts Décoratifs house some of France’s largest collections of decorative and applied arts.

There are three major sites in Paris:
107 rue de Rivoli,
63 rue de Monceau,
266 boulevard Raspail.

Here’s why it’s cool:

The expo that I really hope to go and see there this weekend is Mobi Boom: l’explosion du design en France (1945–75).

The period between 1945–1975 ( Les Trente Glorieuses) saw the examination of textiles that had never before been seen in the sphere of furniture design. It is around this time that Art fuses aestheticism with functionality, a period crammed with colour and texture. The sofabed, multifunctional storage, even the coffee table, come from this age of Formica and plastic heaven. Another reason to want to live in the 60s…

And whilst furniture is not normally the most exciting kid on the culture block, I like to think that this exhibition will make me see my flatpack office desk in a new, educated light.

Look! Chairs!
Here’s to furniture.
p.s. If you want to read this post as a Christmas hintlist, please bear in mind that no furniture chez-moi can measure over 50cm² due to height restrictions.
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