It’s Snow Fun Anymore

If ever you were after a critical moment in  life that marks the transition from childhood to the cold, spreadsheet-filled world of the Human Adult, I have it.


1)…fills you with joy, calling you with its pure whiteness to jump and throw yourself in it, squealing like a rabbit with Myxomatosis.
– Congratulations! You still have the mentality of an under-ten year-old. Forget wellies. Wellies are for Wimps. Snow is synonymous with JOY and FUN, hurrah!

2) …evokes a rattling, drawn-out growwwwwl from the very core of your being, as you remember that you do not have a pair of waterproof boots because you spent your shoe allowance on the heating bill.
– Sad times. You are rapidly sledging down the hill of life. Give up. Buy a hairnet, get a sollicitor, and start recording The Antiques Roadshow.

The moment that snow causes concern and distress (especially when these thoughts are linked to shop opening hours and public transport issues), you have been snowballed in the face with maturity.

Where’s the link in this blog with anything arty-cultural-fun in Paris? Well…because of the SNOW, I haven’t been able to EXPLORE. So my cultural education has frozen, so to speak, buried very literally under a SNOWDRIFT.

Sorry readers….I’ll let you know when Ive got my culltural agenda back on track!



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