La Chine à Paris

Paris has a large Chinese population, which makes February a month for celebrations as they see in their New Year (农历新年 (nónglì xinnián)). The Fête du printemps is the most important of the year for the Chinese and Vietnemese communities, symbolising a time to be with family, and take a break from work. Here in Paris, the 13th arrondissement, known as the Chinese quartier, is lit up with decorations, and street parties weave down the streets day and night. Party-goers are recommended to arrive several hours before kick-off, as the sheer number of people blocks all boulevards, spilling into side streets.

To celebrate the diversity of Chinese culture in france, February is packed with exhibitions, conferences and ceremonies, from the traditional Lion and Dragon parade costumes (dating back to the Han dynasty) to Chinese sports demonstrations and Children’s activities up at Belleville.

Here’s a prediction for what the year might have in store…

Horoscope for the 2011 year of the white metal Rabbit

2011 symbolizes sensitivity, prudence and wealth earned with hard work. 2011 is a dutiful, family oriented and dependable year. In the year of the Rabbit, you may not express your feelings in words, but make up it by deeds.

An excellent cultural excuse for egg fried rice and crackers illimités.


A poor prudent Mustard

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