Spots of Interest on the Canal

As I was moving house the other day, I took half an hour from the stress-inducing calculation that is 9m2 of studio + 10 groaning boxes + 6 flights of stairs- lift + 1 scooter* to inhale a glass of Sancerre.

Here is the café Atmosphère, which sits at 49 Lucien Sampaix, 75010, overlooking the canal. A glass of wine is really not very expensive, and it is ideally located for people-watching without feeling exposed on the pavement. Service is laid-back, friendly, and I have never known it to be overwhelmingly busy (unlike Chez Prune down the road)


There is one rather nasty drawback to this little find….

Now these beauties do still exist in france, but they are rare. Hence my shock, and instinctive reaction to take a picture.

Something to bear in mind. When in France it might be worth popping into the Ladies Loo before ordering drinks to suss out the situation.



*Yes, “mon scoot”, I was told, would be enough to carry all of my bags. My suggestion that this was perhaps a bit optimistic resulted in my taking of the metro in rush-hour with 3 bags, a box, and a houseplant. Visualise that. 

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