Something awesome this way comes….Raphael Saadiq

I’m often stuck for birthday present ideas…especially for men. It was a friend who inspired me to look for a present in the form of a concert or experience instead of material goods, and Fnac which offered me a whole mountain of ideas according to genre, location and price. A concert is a cheeky gift; more often that not you, the gift-giver, get to go along too.


Which is why I’m bubbling like the Three Witches’ cauldron after having decided on two tickets to see Raphael Saadiq mid-April. Playing at the Trianon in the 18th, Saadiq is a heady mix of blues, soul and motown funk. I love his individuality and fearlessness as a performer (thanks You-Tube!)

I highly recommend having a look at what concerts Paris has to offer, whether you’re after a brain-munching, hair thrasher of a night or a toe-tapping, finger clicking bop-fest. The music scene in Paris has so much to offer for all wallets and every genre.

Gleeful Cackle,


photo By Dom Brady from Atlanta, Georgia, United States (“Raphael Saadiq @Sugarhill” ATL) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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