The dos and don’t-bother-bringings


I wish I had known the dos and don’t bothers of moving to Paris from England. It would have saved me many a luggage-laden trip back home to a) stock up or b) unload. So, without further ado, here are a few tips for a Brit moving to Gay Paris:

1. COSMETICS, ladies. 

Buy them in Blighty. Over here even Sephora, the equivalent of Asda for make-up in terms of size and product quality, is expensive. Eleven euros for a scratchy eyeliner?? Raid Superdrug before you come out. You’ll thank me later.

2. Keeping clean.
No.1 applies to toiletries in general. Be it deodorant, shampoo, foot scrub or shaving cream, Paris is toe-curling cher compared to the prices back at home. My entire Christmas request list during my first year away was soapy liquid-based. My family thought I had a hygiene problem.

3. On your Toes

I always always always buy my shoes from Paris. If you are poor on a tight budget there is an unlimited number of cheap little shoe shops around Les Halles which don’t peek over the 20 euro fence. Big-budget buyers, remember, you are in the city of couture…you can’t go wrong with a stroll around Place Vendômeand the Rue Saint Honoré. Pack light. Return HEAVY.

4. On your bed be it.

….are very pricey out here. All things linen seem to be around double the price of BHS, and the average tag is pushing M&S levels (the price, not the quality sadly.) Whilst it may be an enormous faff, try to squeeze at least one duvet cover into your suitcase.

5. Furniture and Fleas 
Moving out for good/an extended period of time? Don’t bother about smuggling your side table or squeezing a lamp into your handbag, Paris has so many flea markets where really good deals can be found. Prepare your bartering skills, and you may find yourself your very own shayz lounge  for the living room.

6. Food glorious food

 I don’t need to say how France has some of the best cheese, wine and pattisseries in the world. The idea of having to walk for more than a minute to get to my nearest bakery is now unthinkable. I have been Parisianised. BUT, if you are moving away, don’t forget the following:
Baked beans
HP sauce
(+ any other typically British condiment/snack)

Here’s hoping you hop the Channel, to vivre à la française with a little bit of know-how and savvy. Now, toss your shoes and join me!



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