The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Whilst a city is never the ideal place to be if the sun is out (cue hayfever, exhaust fumes, sweating profusely on the metro etc.), Paris does nevertheless have some beautiful places to escape to.
Don’t forget the suncream, and here we go….

The pretty Buttes Chaumont park, draped over a hill in the 19th arrondissement. Perfect for sunbathing due to the angle of the slopes. Not ideal for picnics (for the same reason.)
To see: “Rapunzel rapunzel”

Le Temple de Sybille, Buttes Chaumont

– Little tower perched up a windy track with a picture-perfect view from the top. See Right.

The bizarrely brilliant Parc de la Villette, with her various seemingly useless red alien pods and maze of bridges-over-nothing, teasing you to embrace the inner child.
To see: Giant reflective ball!!
– Why? No idea. But it’s amazing. Bring sunglasses.

le Géode, Parc de la Villette

The impressive Chateau de Fontainebleau. Outside Paris, to the South, is the area of Fontainebleau. Ideal to go to if you want to escape the city completely, the Chateau is absolutely breathtaking, and not full of tourists like Versailles can be.
To see: The deer
Take a camera as the wildlife and statues here are lovely.

Le Bassin des Cascades

The peaceful Parc de Sceaux
Just on the outskirts of Paris, near Bourg la Reine on the RER A, this park is huge, and extremely well-kept. You can also enjoy the swimming pool and tennis courts on the estate.
To see: L’Orangerie
Bring someone whose hand you can hold and skip with around the garden.


Have a lovely weekend!
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