Se Faire Masser à Paris

My previous post had me thinking about winding down and relaxing as the holidays approach. A trip away for the weekend is highly recommended….but what if you can’t leave the périphérique? What if you have children, or dogs, or an on-call job? What if you are allergic to grass? You need some TLC city-style.

Mum? Mum? MUUUUM??!!
No pet-sitter?

Ready to leave at a moment’s notice?

Concerned about these poor individuals who find themselves relaxation-deprived and city-bound, I decided to do some research in treating oneself…and I stumbled across this magical Thai spa in the heart of the Montorgueil district (one of my favourite places in Paris.)

Benjalong Thai is a tiny spa tucked away down the rue Saint Saveur in the 2nd arrondissement. The entire premises holds only four therapy rooms. The staff are welcoming and provide you with a comfortable outfit for the session (good for those a little uncomfortable with baring all in front of a svelte masseuse.)

I decided to test the goods, and opted for a traditional Thai massage of an hour. This not being my first massage, I was used to a more…oily (?)….and less…physical (!) experience. But, after adjusting to some pummeling and muscle stretching, I found myself enjoying it more than most of the other massages I’ve had in the past. 

This isn’t me.

The massage starts with a fantastic foot rub and hot towels, followed by a thorough full-body knead where the masseuse leaps nimbly around you to really sort out those aches and pains. The irises on the pillows and the calming aromatherapy oils set the mood perfectly, and I was in danger of nodding off as she gave me a wonderful back and scalp massage.

Afterwards, you are invited back to the tearoom/entrance lobby, where some refreshing tea and fruit awaits you like a Thai princess. The little door to the outside world is the last place you want to look, as the kiwi and tisane give you some much-needed hydration.

Whilst the Benjalong Thai is not particularly cheap (with a full-body coming in at 70 euros), it is nevertheless good value for money in a city where centres de bien-etre are always a bit pricey. The location, size and charm of this venue makes it a real winner in my eyes, and of course that wonderful feeling of sleepy calm…

So go, treat yourself in the knowledge that the children, dogs and life’s little emergencies are waiting for a de-stressed you on the other side.



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