This is a short post intended for tourists even contemplating spending an August in the City of Lights.

It’s SUMMER! So let’s talk holidaying….

A.Blight @ flickrcreativecommons

The Parisians have a stupid an unusual approach to the holiday season. As opposed to spreading the summer out, taking their holidays between late May and early September (as the English do, for example) people here all book their holidays at exactly the same time. And, it’s for an ENTIRE month.

August in Paris ressembles a scene from a Western, only that the doors flapping in the breeze are those of empty brasseries, tumbleweed is replaced by cigarette butts, and the lone ranger riding for miles across the plains is Japanese, carrying a map and looking terribly bewildered.


I feel bad for tourists in August. I try to avoid eye contact as they stare searchingly at anything that moves, desperate to find Rick Steves’ buzzing metropole. It’s even worse when they excitedly take you for a Parisian, only to have their hopes crushed by a British accent.

On the plus side, come September, you will never meet a Parisian more relaxed, tanned and *comparatively* helpful.

So, that’s it. Short and to the point. Don’t come to Paris in August unless you solely want to meet pigeons and fellow disappointed travellers. Yes, it is wonderfully quiet….but that’s just not Paris.

sunshinecity @ flickrcreativecommons

Regretfully yours,


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