Merce and the Muse CLOSED :(

Paris, with all its brasseries and boulangeries, is looking stateside for the latest thing to do when you are just looking to grignoter, not manger, siroter, not boire.

The Americans have been going for cawfee since the prehistoric era*, and the New Yorkers know better than anyone how to serve up the best macchiatos in town. Except now this isn’t New York… this is the French capital, and the NY invasion has begun- one of the leaders of the pack being the hip coffeeshop Merce and the Muse run by Merce herself in the Haute Marais.

Address: 1 Bis Rue Dupuis, 75003

Homemade muffins, cakes and other inventive deliciousnesses go perfectly with an artisanal coffee. Top tip? Go for the cheesecake, if there’s any left. Or the carrot cake.

Like the famous Rose Bakery, not far away, Merce also makes fresh salads for those trying to stay away from the spongey delights at the other end of the counter. It is a long way away from the pricey American chains that have popped up all over the city.

It’s nice to find somewhere where real thought has been put into sourcing and producing what goes on the menu. And it looks like the emphasis on fresh, homemade and personalised products has picqued the curiosity of even the most skeptical critics. Who would have thought…the US brings fresh food and drink ideas to France?!

On ne l’aurait jamais cru.


*I never studied US history, so this is just an assumption. But Im fairly sure anyway.

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