Nuit Blanche in Paris

Known as the Rendez-vous culturel de la rentrée, the Nuit Blanche, roughly translated as all-nighter (minus the alcoholic connotations), refers to the free annual celebration of art and culture that lasts well into the early hours this weekend (1-2 October) from 7pm Saturday-7am Sunday. The city plays host to artists from around the world, and from a multitude of specialities.
2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the event and organisers have gone the extra mile to make it a special one. As usual, certain metro lines (12&14) will be open all night, and events will be taking place in a variety of churches, exhibition centres, museums and open-air spaces (anywhere really). 
New locations have also been added this year, with the aim of spreading the event further around the city, adding artists and contributors with the aim of keeping everyone awake all weekend:

Not only because of my love of Prince, but also because it sounds fun, I shall be  checking out “Purple Rain” by PIERRE ARDOUVIN whose earlier work L’éclair dans la nuit I saw, and loved, in 2009. This year’s visitors are encouraged to wander through his work under a light sprinkling of, yep, purple rain (I hear umbrellas are provided).

This photo from Mayanais show last year’s beautiful light display at the Hôtel de Ville

Aside from some light purple showers to 80 tunes, this year I shall do what I always do, and simply stroll. Paris is the best city for meandering, and it’s the perfect way to bump into unexpected street performances, or an artists atelier open to visitors. It’s good to have a vague idea where you’re going, otherwise you’ll miss out, but spontaneity, curiosity and discovery are in the bones of this event. So baladons-nous! 

Just beware of Monday morning…

Follow updates on Twitter @Paris hashtag #NB2011


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