Afterwork drinks/ Apéro à Paris

Every girl knows the post-work apéro (or after-work drinks) with a friend. Whilst the aim of the evening is to get together and catch up/gossip/wind down, the organisation of the event is littered with potential stress-inducing obstacles, such as where and what:

1. WHERE. 
Finding the exact point of intersection between your work, her work, your home and her home risks a rendez-vous in a generic, expensive, souless tourist-laden bar on the high street. Especially dangerous here is the return home; exiting the premises after sharing a carafe of rose and falling, lightly inebriated, into Zara.

2. WHAT.
She likes classy wine bars, you like crowded pubs. Another opportunity for the generic, expensive, souless tourist-laden bar rears its ugly head. Of course, you don’t want to see the scrunched up “ew” expression on her face if you take her to your favourite hang-out, a genre you would describe as boho-grunge, but she would classify privately as beardy and gross. On the other hand, however, you wince at the thought of going to another 12 euro cocktail bar in the 6th, which always leaves you- unable to afford a second drink- sucking on ice cubes for most of the evening.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, it is important to do the research. This doesn’t have to mean going for secret solo drinking sessions in the run-up to a girly apéro*. Websites such as Sortir à Paris, Cityvox and Qype  as well as blogs you might enjoy following COUGH come into their own, providing a means to filter via critera.

My research, for example, has found me what would seem to be the ideal place to bring almost anyone. Pub/bar Au Vieux Colombier does what they call an Apéro Diner Jazz Manouche et Boeuf evening every third Monday of the month, a direct translation of which left me intially confused at a rather meaty-filled gypsy supper. But, lo and behold, it actually means an open jazz evening with drinks and food. Vegetarians may exhale. It’s had some great write-ups, and seems like the perfect location to bring a friend and listen to some music over a glass of wine. Prices are surprisingly affordable for the arrondissement, with a coffee at 2 euros. It’s where I’m dragging my next drinks date 🙂

Au Vieux Colombier
19h30 22h30 Entrée Gratuite
Apéro Diner Jazz Manouche
65 Rue de Rennes 75006 Paris

If you are looking for advice on where to go out and what to do in Paris, don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂 Likewise, if you’ve got advice or recommendations, I love hearing it (especially regarding 75014, my new quartier)!


* It can if you want it to.

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