Breaking and entering the deep end

A secret swimming pool in Paris

I may or may not, for legal reasons, have gone secret swimming on the roof of a private residence in Paris.

Did you say swimming
Yes, a swimming pool, complete with shallow end, changing rooms, and that wonderful humid, chlorine smell that reminds me of pool parties when I was six.

Why secret? Because, other than for residents, it is strictement interdit.

On the ROOF?? Indeed. 34 floors to be exact, on the very tip top of one of Paris’ highest residential buildings. Approximately this high:

Of course, this building is just a very very good example of what the building containing the secret swimming pool might look like. Totally unrelated otherwise, ok?
The swimming pool gives a view to rival that of the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse. The terrace, accessible after a quick hop over the “feet washing” bath (I’ve never completely understood how soaking your feet in other peoples’ verrucae juice makes you hygienically ok to enter the pool) is enough to take your breath away.

The entire pool is surrounded by glass which puts you about 1 transparent inch away from a long way down.

 Why am I boasting about theoretical illicit bathing?
Because this incredible pool perched above the rooftops is a wonderful example of how much Paris has to offer, far far off the beaten track. And that was the point of this blog. Now, I have been given strict instructions not to tell anyone where it is. But ask me nicely, in private, and I might just give you a clue…

my dear Mustard 


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