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L’Entrepôt in Paris

The Entrepôt in the 14th arrondissement is not somewhere you would stumble across. Tucked down a nondescript road in a quiet, residential area in Paris, the orange flags draped down the side of the building are the only clue to what lurks behind.

Providing a variety of cinema screenings, music gigs, contemporary art showings, literary events, theatre and conferences on a daily basis, it is a surprise that this old factory with its pretty garden behind is not on more people’s lists of places to go when looking for the non-tourist side to Parisian culture.

To give you a taster of what you mind find at l’Entrepôt, this week they are showing*:

CinemaPolisse, Freakonomics and Une Vie Meilleure
MusicMosquito Salsa Club and Xavier Holland Trio (jazz)
ArtLes Couleurs du Mexique and Ainsi ce monde devient celeste
Theatre– Improvised theatre performances
ConferenceCes liens invisibles qui nous reunissent

*a small selection from 27/01-02/02

There is also a restaurant and bar, where you can also listen to live music. I’ve heard the food is good, especially the brunch (although perhaps a bit expensive).

I’ll be going tonight, where I’m looking forward to having a drink with a friend and hopefully catch some music/pick up their programme. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more info, or to know how it goes.

7 Rue Francis de Pressensé  75014 Paris
01 45 40 07 50



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