Hot air ballooning in Paris

She’s not all hot air…
Seeing Paris from the sky.

Keen as a hot air balloon

You might have seen the “Ballon air de Paris” floating above the Parc André Citroen in the 15th arrondissement, but you probably haven’t. Parisians know it, most tourists dont, as the 15th is a generally quiet, residential area.
For between 10-12 euros for adults, the baby hot air balloon rises 150 metres into the Parisian sky, giving you a unique view of Paris from the south-western banks of the river Seine.


VisuelI bet you didn’t know…
The balloon, installed in 2009, changes colour according to the quality of air in the city. It calculates this thanks to several “stations urbaines” set up around Paris, which measure pollution in different areas of the city. The colour chart goes from bright green (very good air quality) to fuschia pink (very poor).
While the queue can get very busy on sunny days over the weekend, try and go during the week, where there are far fewer visitors.

Why should I go?
Show your insider’s-knowledge and see Paris from the sky, without waiting for hours underneath the Eiffel Tower. Discover a lovely park in the 15th arrondissement, away from the crowds of tourists. Wander around the gardens or have an ice-cream by the fountains.
Extra info:
The André Citroën park is situated on the old site of the famous car manufacturer. With fountains shooting up from the ground that children are encouraged to play in, and a long stretch of garden, the park attracts many Parisian families.
Go on 😉 do something different!
Quai André Citroen

Metro Balard, line 8
RER C Pont de Garigliano

Up up and awwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyy…
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