The Literary Scene in Paris – Post N°3

Unstrung Letters

One of the newer kids on the literary block in Paris, Unstrung Letters is a great idea. Here’s their blurb from the Facebook page:
“Unstrung Letters is an informal lecture series. It’s critical (some one presents an opinion, takes a stance); it’s casual (it’s in a dingy bar). It’s in Paris. It’s in English.”
I was supposed to go a few weeks ago, but fate had other plans for me, and had me eat my own body weight in chocolate eggs while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Not a good excuse, I know.
But this time it’s in the diary (in biro, not pencil) for May 6. It’s in the same bar as Spoken Word, downstairs at the Au Chat Noir bar in Parmentier.
This Sunday, P is for….
Where we will be exploring three of Phillip Larkin’s most f*****-up poems, and swearing ourselves silly. Someone will talk for a bit, then the audience will respond to the ideas presented to them. We all debate and leave feeling as though we’ve sharpened our softening brains a bit. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
On the menu for Sunday:
Phillip Larkin
Practical information
Get there? Metro Parmentier, line 3
Go where? 76 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011
What time? Drinks at 8, Lecture starts at 8.30
Tip: Read up about the topic beforehand. They aren’t expecting you to cite critics, but you’ll be missing out on a lot if you don’t arrive with questions or an opinion.
Be curious
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