The Literary Scene in Paris, Post N°4

Double Change:

Poetry readings in Paris.

Eyes Right! Ears Open!

Sir Yes Sir.

We’re here to explore another of the Anglo literary pockets that’s buzzing in Paris right now. It’s a bilingual American-French set-up, and it’s been going since 2000. We salute the yanks.


Some of the most famous contemporary and upcoming writers and poets read here, at the eof Gallery in the chic 2nd arrondissement in Paris. Whilst the dates are never regular, it always starts at 7.30pm. Too much routine is never a good thing anyway.

Coming up soon (30th May) are readings by Suzanne Doppelt (writer and photographer) and Cole Swensen, the latter of whom has had published 14 poetry collections as well as numerous poetry awards. Oh, and she’s also translated the former’s work before. Nice.

Before that, on the 29th of May, I am going along to readings by Stéphane Bouquet and Peter Gizzi, both two incredibly talented writers. The bi-national side to these readings is always exciting: I love hearing what English-language poetry can sound like, and then the juxtaposition with a performance using a French vocabulary.

Address: 15, rue Saint Fiacre – 75002 Paris
Starts: 7.30 pm.
Costs: Nadda. Rien. Nothing. Free.
Metro: Grands Boulevards, lines 8 and 9 
Why would I like it? It’s a great mix of French and English, and there are some really talented writers that read here. They should do more to advertise the event, but they’ve got a good reputation within the anglophone creative community here in Paris.


by Peter Gizzi

Winter’s the thing.

A place to lay one’s head.

To sleep at last

to sleep. Blue on flesh

in snow light,

iced boughs overhead.

This is a poem about breath, 

brick, a piece of ink 

in the distance.

Winter’s the thing

I miss. The font is still.

A fanfare of stone air.

So put on your marching shoes, and check out for what’s coming up.

At ease!

Colonel Mustard

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