Dance, Dance

Dancing in Paris

This week I’m passing on two great, and relatively unknown, addresses for going out in Paris…


Bizz’art and Glazart 

Soul vs. Electro. You choose…

167 Quai de Valmy
75010 PARIS

On the banks of the Canal Saint Martin, and a stone’s throw from my favourite Point Ephémère,  Bizz’art is known for its soul and jazz evenings but is also gaining a reputation as one of Paris’ top-spots for latino-brazilian music and dance. 

I went along with a couple of friends last week and we found ourselves perfecting our Brazilian dance moves (ok, hiding in the corner for fear of being seen or, worse, danced with)

Thursday nights, for example, host Live and Soul Afterwork, free entry, often with special guest DJs and a choreography to learn (if you want to). Alternatively, there’s the upcoming Seventies-themed Bizzzzzz Party, August 11, with free on-site hairdressing for anyone who hasn’t brought their ‘fro pick.

There’s also a restaurant upstairs on the mezzanine level, which gives you time to chat, eat, drink and warm up for the party downstairs.

Great atmosphere, great location, ideal for a night out after a picnic on the Canal Saint Martin.


7-15 Avenue de la Porte de la Villette  
75019 Paris

Yes, so it sounds similar name-wise But Glazart is very, very different from Bizz’art.

Firstly it’s not in the uber trendy, too-cool-for-school, canal district, but rather in the northern edges of the 19th which, while the arrondissement does have a lot of lovely places, Porte de la Villette is not on most people’s go-to list. Still, it makes it an exciting brisk walk from the metro to the club.

Direction what looks like a dodgy village hall, past some scary-ass bouncers and a concrete corridor into an oasis of waterfalls, rock gardens… and electro music. Or dubstep, or any kind of alternative “underground” sound. Glazart likes to surprise you, and this is a very good thing. It has an impressive calendar of artists who perform here.

Multiple bar areas, a lovely outside covered terrace and an intimate concert room all make this place feel like you’ve just stepped into a parallel universe where everyone has dreadlocks, you don’t get sleazed on and a half pint of wine costs less than 4 euros. 


Looking for somewhere hidden away with a great crowd that few people have heard of, with a serious attitude towards promoting underground music? Seriously, check it out.

There’s more to this city…



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