The Pillow Project

Freejazz dance in Paris 

Definition: “There is no universally accepted definition of freejazz.”

Isn’t it just jazz you don’t have to pay for…?


Freejazz (or free jazz) grew up in the Fifties and Sixties, with an emphasis on improvisation, and a return to its jazz roots, away from the limitations and conventions that had developed around the genre. So, really, its definition is… the lack of one.

So, without really knowing what it is, how can we get excited about it – in dance form – popping up in Paris?

By looking at the group’s website and Youtube clips, that’s what. So here’s a video from their piece “Twenty Eighty-Four”, inspired by George Orwell and Carl Sagan. A little amuse bouche.

And here’s a photo of a hot dancer, in case remembering Orwell’s 1984 made you feel twitchy, courtesy of

The Pillow Project is a collective of artists who perform alongside freejazz music, and they’re coming (back) to Paris! This is their blurb:

The Pillow Project is an evolving experiment in improvisational freejazz movement… (a) passionate collaboration of visual-composers, motion-conductors and avant-garde performing
artists for igniting new ideas in spontaneous expression (…) The Pillow Project creates original installations, performances and public happenings though a philosophy of using “jazz” as a verb.

Want to see what they’re about? Come and see at  on either Tuesday 27th (Shakespeare and Co. 2pm) or Wednesday 28th November (at Au Chat Noir, host of my beloved Spoken Word, 7.30 pm.)



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