Paris Lit Up

New on the Paris Literary Scene

Paris knows how to seduce the writer. She has played host and inspiration to some of the most famous minds to date. We’re not just talking French, either. Paris attracts writers like a moth to light. Hemingway caught the bug, as did Joyce and Pound. And she hasn’t stopped drawing them in, luckily for us expats. 

There are numerous pockets of Anglophone culture-based events in Paris, from Spoken Word nights to book readings, writing classes and even English comedy acts. That’s what I try to follow and pass on to you through my blog. But it’s hard to keep track, because there hasn’t been one single site that unites them all. It’s been a question of stumbling across leaflets, trawling the internet or word-of-mouth tips.

*Drum roll*

[deep gravelly voice] Until now….

Paris Lit Up has just thrown open the door and planted herself in the armchair of the international literary scene. If you’re looking to find out what’s going on in the culture scene in Paris, their site is the one to check out.

If you want to know when the next literary event is going on in Paris, follow them on Twitter, Facebook or the website. It’s great to find that the scene is being ignited once again…

Twitter: @ParisLitUp

Keen as ever,

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