A Good Argument

Debates at the Sorbonne

How do you fancy going back to university to listen to people arguing all day?


Ok, let me put it another way…

What about a series of debates on contemporary philosophical topics, held in one of the beautiful lecture halls at the world-famous Sorbonne university for free?


France Culture, in association with Le Nouvel Observateur presents L’année vu par… la philo (the year, as seen by Philosophy) which is being hosted at the Sorbonne’s biggest lecture hall on January 26th.

The subjects in question are:

9h-10h15 : Le mariage est-il un lien qui libère ?   
Marriage: a liberating union?
10h45-12h : Y a-t-il une vie après l’économie ?  
Is there life after the economy?
12h30- 13h45 : La fin du monde, la fin d’un monde ? 
The end of the world, the end of a world?
14h30-15h45 : La philosophie sauvera-t-elle l’industrie ? 
Will philosophy save industry?
16h-17h15 : La politique  peut-elle ne pas être décevante ? 
Can politics ever not disappoint?
17h45-18h15 : Quelques images du temps présent 
Some images from the present.

You simply need to register by sending an email to auditeurfranceculture@radiofrance.com or calling

The website is here: http://bit.ly/10BqzyD 
Address: 47 rue des écoles, 75005, Paris



photo credits to Valentin Ottone and Lacrescentino @Flickr

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