Spray Paint Paris

Want to deface Paris?

Underground Paris organise bike and walking tours around the city focusing on street and urban art.

They also do workshops – which is what particularly caught my eye – where you can learn to stencil or paint your very own graffiti on a Parisian wall! It doesn’t say where the wall is, but I’m guessing it’s probably not along the northern side of the Louvre. Boo.
See how fun this looks!

This is what Underground Paris say about their graffiti workshop: 

You will get to produce a large scale graffiti mural outdoors with help and instruction from professional graffiti artists…

The workshop takes you through every stage of producing a graffiti mural, from thinking up and roughly sketching your ideas onto paper, to learning the techniques used by graffiti artists and spraying your design onto a wall.”
And here’s a video if you weren’t already convinced…Watch it. Seriously.
Downside? It costs 35 euros per person, probably to cover the potential get-out-jail fee if caught by the police. Am I joking? I don’t know. But I do really really want to do it. 
To anyone who reads this and knows me personally, please don’t ask me about it in public (offline) as I’m thinking about this as a birthday present for the gentleman I live with. So ssshhhh.
Where did you find out about this, you might ask.

Well, oddly enough, on the in-flight magazine on the way to Berlin. Thanks Lufthansa, you naughty urbanites. 
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