A Smell to Remember

Your personal perfume from Paris

By Nico Paix at Flickr
It’s Mothers’ Day in France today, and here’s an idea that will get you maximum mummy points.

The ‘Studio des parfums’ in Paris’ Marais quarter offers perfume workshops where, for 75 euros you can make your very own fragrance. No more “Oh, is that Nina Ricci? My little sister wears that” or “You smell like my aunt Frieda, she loves J’adore by Dior…” Now you can have your very own, totally unique scent, and the smug feeling that comes with saying “My perfume? Oh, it’s my own creation. You know, I made it in Paris.” Bam.

It’s a great idea for something to do with your maman or a group of friends. 

First you choose two scents from 15, which the parfumeur will help you with based on the perfumes you already wear/like. Then you choose different ‘notes’, with over 150 options, to make up the rest of the fragrance. You can also ask to have your perfume in massage oil, body lotion or shower gel format.

thanks Google

No more half-dead bouquets or dusty chocolate boxes, this is a present idea that will leave you smelling of roses. Or vanilla. Or green tea.

Reviews here.

Le studio du parfum
23 rue du Bourg Tibourg 75004 Paris
Fragrantly yours


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