Un hôtel très particulier…

Are you looking for an almost top secret address in Montmartre where you can enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail in a garden like this? Read on…

Well, ok then. I’ll tell you where it is… But you need to be prepared. This is the entrance :

Yes, those are two signs saying VOIE PRIVEE (private road). Ignore them. Look for this buzzer
Press it. A man will answer. Say you would like a drink/food/to see the hotel. Yes, it does feel like you’re going to a Freemason party, but fear not. The big wrought-iron door will open, you tiptoe 50 metres along a gorgeous cobbled pathway, and you will come face to face with this :

Buzz at this door too, and an impeccably-dressed waiter will open from the other side, menus in hand, asking where you would like to sit. You are pretty sure you’ve been mistaken for a minor celebrity, and definitely regret wearing jeans. The garden is set over three levels, with a downstairs outdoor lounge area. At night, tealights and lamps provide what I imagine would be a beautiful atmosphere. The overhanging branches make you feel a million miles away from the petrol fumes of Paris and the heaving crowds around the neighbouring Sacre Coeur. 

sorry about the thumb
The Pouilly-Fumé is seriously good. Although drinks are not cheap (glass of wine from 7 euros) it was certainly not as expensive as I expected. They also do food, and have five “suites” if you fancy staying the night. Just don’t tell too many people…
L’Hôtel Particulier
23 avenue Junot



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