Words Alive O

English Theatre in Paris

Today, dahhhhhling, we’re taking to the boards. The boards of the Parisian stage… in English. 

I always love finding out about exciting cultural communities on my doorstep. I’d been aware of Words Alive O for a while, but recently I was asked if I knew of any English-speaking theatre classes in Paris. It was at that point that I thought: I should do a post on that.

photo by  Mickey Thurman

Words Alive O kindly agreed to an interview where I asked them all my burning questions. Here’s what they had to say:

ERK – When did Words Alive O start and why?
WAO – Words Alive O came into existence a few years ago stemming from the desire and passion to offer theatre workshops and to create a theatre troupe in response to requests from anglophiles wishing to do theatre in English. Our hope is to create a rich arena of cultural and theatrical exchanges in order to foster enhancing and fun linguistic experiences.

ERK – Why do people come to Words Alive O?
WAO – Enthusiastic anglophiles come to practice English in a fun way and to learn about theatre and literature. Participants are also drawn to learning acting techniques as a means to improve their communication skills. Returning participants come back for the fun, to meet other anglophiles and to share their interest in theatre.   

ERK –  Do you have a regular group of people who come or does it change ?
WAO – Theatre classes and workshops in English are held weekly for native speakers and non-native speakers of all levels. Participants usually attend on a regular basis.  There are also short intensive workshops on the weekends. Through actor training techniques in voice, movement and improvisation, we explore texts in English. No theatre experience is necessary.  Sometimes, short-term tourists will attend the classes, and they truly enjoy the experience of doing theatre with the locals in English.

ERK –  What are the differences between the workshops and the classes?
WAO – They are similar in that all the courses explore theatre texts, offer actor training and are taught in English.  For participants in the mid-beginner, intermediate, and Saturday sessions, there is the option to participate in an end-year presentation of scenes. On the other hand, the Friday Actor Training and Performance Workshop is more intensive and it leads to the creation of a theatre troupe and a full performance at the end of the year. The Friday workshop is open to native English speakers, bilinguals, and non-natives with a good command of the language. Currently it is composed of new players and former players from the past two years.

ERK – Who runs the workshops and classes?
WAO –The courses are run by a native English speaker, who is a dramaturge and director.

If you’re interested in finding out more about English theatre classes in Paris, drop a mail to wordsaliveo@gmail.com. They’re really friendly, and are especially interested in encouraging more native speakers to join in the workshops and theatre-related events throughout the year!

Regarding cost, interested participants are invited to send an email to wordsaliveo@gmail.com for exact fees.  All other information on the classes can be found on the website www.wordsaliveo.info.  They’ve also got a blog where they list upcoming literary/theatrical events in Paris.

Overdramatically yours,

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