Contemporary arts festival in Paris

photograph of the Festival d’autome 2006
 by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Ignore the rain and drizzle that Paris falls victim to in the Autumn and Winter months. Have you heard of the Festival d’automne? It’s an annual international contemporary arts festival, held from September through to early January… 

The 2013 programme has dance, visual arts, theatre, music and cinema. There’s a particularly strong showing from South African and Japanese artists this year, which promises to be interesting. Here are some of the upcoming events from the Festival d’automne that I’ve highlighted, but you should definitely check out their online programme to find out more…

Theatre: Daisuke Miura, Le Tourbillon de l’amour
5-7 December

Described as: 

“Le Tourbillon de l’amour, which was awarded the prestigious Kishida Kunio prize in 2005, stages ten women and men involved in a strictly codified physical transaction. The spiraling dramatic structure reflects the infinite circulation of desire. Influenced by television series, Daisuke Miura’s theater is realistic and often stages upsetting situations which question the audience’s role.”

Theatre: Robert Wilson/ Coco Rosie, Peter Pan
12-20 December

Described as:

“Robert Wilson stages Peter Pan as a musical tale for adults, where humor is mixed with fear. He adapts Erich Kästner’s version of James Barrie’s story, where Peter Pan appears more like a David Bowie type than like a chubby little boy. With songs and music by CocoRosie, the Berliner Ensemble inhabits Neverland with perceptible delight, creating a truly unforgettable performance.”

Photograph: Scumeck
Dance: Bruno Beltrão CRACKz
26-27 November

Described as:

“The work of Bruno Beltrão and his company Grupo de Rua draws inspiration from American hip hop videos – an imported culture which Beltrão assimilated to form is own identity. For CRACKz, he offered documents found online to his dancers as a source of inspiration. They created a collective piece where North American urban cultures mix with cultures around the world as they interact on the web.”

Music: Philip Glass and Robert Wilson Einstein on the Beach
7-12 January 2014

Described as:

“Widely credited as one of the greatest artistic achievements of the XXth century, Einstein on the Beach launched its creators, Robert Wilson and Philip Glass, to international success when it was first performed in 1976. This exceptional production brings it to an entirely new generation. Einstein on the Beach breaks all the rules of conventional opera, following a non-narrative, albeit rigorous structure, with a choreography by Lucinda Childs.”

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