Paris Lit Up – What We Do

I’ve been a part of the Paris Lit Up team for a while now, and thought I’d write a post on just exactly what we do, including why this weekend is an extra special one!  (continue…)

What is Paris Lit Up (PLU)?

Paris Lit Up is a platform that links independent literary and cultural projects – mostly – based in Paris. As our website explains, “Paris Lit Up aims to build this open community while nurturing the goodwill to collectively share and grow together. Paris Lit Up pulses through the rhizomes of shared practices, common spaces and cooperative spirit. Paris Lit Up explodes in the creative potential of the international literary scene in our beloved City of Lights, Paris.”

Who’s involved in PLU?

There are several people involved in the running and organising of PLU. I’m just one of many. It was Kate Noakes and Jason McGimsey who birthed the concept, and since then the army has grown, and keeps growing. Anyone can get involved, whether you have your own idea for a project, or simply want to support the creative community.

What does PLU do?

We let YOU know what’s going on in Paris’ literary scene, and sometimes we get our hands messy in the organising of events too. For example, here’s a brief selection of projects we’re currently involved with:

PLU Open Mic – every Thursday, from 8, at Culture Rapide in Belleville, PLU hosts an open mic for poetry, prose, music, dancing, drama… you name it, we’ll invite it onstage. I’m one of three rotating hosts, and Thursday is one of my favourite nights of the week! Come meet the family 🙂

Ivy Writers – Monthly bilingual poetry readings. Bilingual means that there’s one English-speaking reader, and (usually) one French-speaking reader. They get some pretty impressive performers, and usually invite whoever wants to go to dinner afterwards, where you can get to know the writers/performers over a cheese plate.

PLU Writing workshops – Every Saturday, come and get some friendly feedback on your work at the Apparemment Café. Whether it’s prose or poetry, the group gets together for some constructive group criticism. There’s a recommended donation of 3 euro, and the session lasts 2 hours.

Those are just three of the events going on in Paris, there are loads more! To find out our full list of creative communities, check the website.

What’s coming up?

PLU were very kindly asked if we wanted to get involved with the International Poetry Slam Festival, to which we said HELL YEAH. June 6 & 7 from 2pm is when we’ll be taking over Culture Rapide. Here’s what we’ve got up our sleeves…

– Book swap (I’ll be behind the stall)
– Book buy
– Poetry on demand (yep, I’m going to give it a go too!) involving typewriters
– Guest performances


The super-amazingly-awesome performance poet John Hegley is coming over from England to perform for us! He’s on at 5pm on Saturday. And it’ll be gooooood. Here’s a video he did a couple of years ago at Waterstones:



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