Secret Speakeasy Bar in Paris

The restaurant Da Vito is a real Italian restaurant. But it’s also the facade for the secret speakeasy bar Moonshiner, accessible only via the big wooden refrigerator doors at the back of the restaurant….

Walk through the cold storage room, down the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in a 1920s-themed lounge, complete with separate smoking “fumoir” and working gramophone. The brains behind the bar? Alexis, Thomas and Charles, who already have several Parisian bars under their belts, including Orange Mécanique, UFO and Dirty Dick.

photo by star5112

Moonshiner gets super busy, especially on the weekends, but arrive at 8.30 pm, after sampling some delicious pizzas at Da Vito and you’ll be ok. After 10.30 pm, however, and you’ll find the temperature rises at the same rate as the number of people. 

Cocktails are expensive, at around 10-13 euro, but if you are a whiskey fan, you’ll be in your element (they do other spirits too, don’t worry!) If you’re not a cocktail fan, a bottle of beer (imported from Brooklyn) will set you back around 6 euro.


5 rue Sedaine, 75011
Open every day from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Metro Bréguet Sabin, line 5.
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