La Recyclerie – cultural space on Paris’ old railway

Not to be confused with last month’s postLa Recyclerie is the current ‘place to be seen’ if you’re in Paris’ trendy crowd, but does the hipster hype make it worth a visit? I dragged two friends along – one willing, one skeptical – to check it out last weekend…

Wait, what is La Recyclerie?

Perched above a section of Paris’ petite ceinture, a disused railway line, La Recyclerie is housed in an old railway station. The building itself contains a spacious and airy restaurant/bar/café. Designers have worked to keep the original architecture: high ceilings, iron columns, and a huge glass window that gives a beautiful view down the old railways tracks. Despite having just opened, La Recyclerie hosts a variety of different events, and there’s also an on-site handyman (René) who’s there to help with almost anything you might need repairing.

Outside, in the narrow space between the tracks and the bank, there is a small area for second-hand stalls. Then, down some stairs and you’re in the picnic area by the rails. On the other side (but you’ll have to go back up and go around, you can’t jump the tracks) there’s a flourishing vegetable garden. The goal is to provide as much home-grown produce on their menu as possible, as well as providing vegetable plots for locals. Part of these ethics includes setting up a miniature farm for goats and chickens. GOATS AND CHICKENS.


We arrived at 12 on a Sunday, opening time. I’d already heard that this place got busy and, upon arrival, there was already a long queue outside. But once the doors were open we found ourselves a place pretty quickly. Those who arrived after 1pm, sadly, did not.

The brunch costs 20 euro, and includes unlimited patisseries and hot drinks. You also get a choice from several hot dishes, and there are cakes, fruit, cold meats and cheese. You certainly won’t go home hungry! While I found the menu value for money, you have to be prepared to navigate the slightly confusing (even more so when it’s busy) buffet setup. Overall, I really liked the place, the idea behind it, and enjoyed the food. However, if you’re planning on checking it out, I’d recommend waiting until the buzz has died down, or going during the week when it’s less busy.

FYI I don’t mean to scaremonger, but keep your bag close to you around the Clignancourt metro. It’s known for pickpockets. Speaking from personal experience.

Photo credits: I forgot to take photos (too busy eating) so these have been taken from Stylistic’s blog here
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