The Butte Bergeyre – a hidden village in Paris

(photo by Kenny Louie) 

Looking for something a bit different to do on a crisp autumnal day when the sun is out and leaves are falling? 

Explore the area around the Buttes Chaumont park! More specifically, the beautiful “micro-quarter” Butte Bergeyre village which forms a triangle between the Simon-Bolivar avenue, the Mathurin-Moreau avenue and the rue Manin, all in the 19th arrondissement…

(Guillaume Baviere)

To see:
The Butte Bergeyre is composed of only a few quiet streets, but has a stunning view of Paris (towards Montmartre), thanks to its 100m altitude. Buildings on the butte are only allowed to be a maximum of 4 floors, which explains the charm and village atmosphere. Houses are covered in ivy, with flowers and herbs in their windows, and charming ‘typically French’ painted shutters, which really make you feel a world away from Paris.

While you’re wandering around the Butte Bergeyre, have a peek at the tiny private vineyard growing on the banks of the hill…

The neighbourhood association of the Butte Bergeyre also puts on a popular second-hand/flea market now and again. Check their website for details.

How to get there: 

Get off at Buttes Chaumont and walk through the park to the opposite side, by the Avenue Mathurin Moreau. Keep walking, take the rue Georges Lardennois on your left, and walk up the hill. On your way back, take the steps that join the rue Georges Lardennois to Avenue Simon Bolivar on the other side of the Butte. Metros Colonel Fabien and Belleville are less than 10 minutes walk away.


54 Avenue Simon Bolivar
2 rue Georges Lardennois

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