Culture on the rails – La Halle Pajol

The 18th arrondissement in Paris is so much more than the Sacré Coeur! From the arty 104 to the delicious Marché Olive, the Town Hall has been investing money in previously run-down areas and encouraging the creation of vibrant cultural communities. Say hello to the Halle Pajol…

photo from here
The Halle Pajol is set in a disused 1920s SNCF (train) warehouse, over the top of the old rails, and looks out onto the tracks that curve up and eastwards out of Paris. Its beautiful wood facade and steel supports are the right blend of natural and industrial architecture. Gardens (called the jardins Rosa Luxembourg) and tropical water features have been built and benches installed along the old rails, totalling 8000m² of green space, making it an atypical place to relax and watch the world trains go by.

This is what the Halle Pajol used to look like

Inside the Halle Pajol is Paris’ largest youth hostel, Yves Robert: eco-friendly, solar and plant powered. It seems to be having a few teething problems, but is still good value for money, although the area can be off-putting for solo travellers. 

There is also a bar-restaurant, an American bakery, shops, spaces for community events and  workshops, and the large Vaclav Havel library (below). The video for the library does a good job of also showing what the entire space is like.

Address: the Halle Pjaol is located all the way down the Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute,75018 
Metro: Max Dormoy

La bibliothèque Vaclav Havel de la Halle Pajol by mairiedeparis

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