In defence of the French spirit: the clandestine bar ‘Syndicat’

*updated Editor’s note: now with tables outside – more practical, less secret* 

Walking down my road last week, I notice, for the second time, a very conspicuous  bouncer standing outside an old shop front with posters plastered over the doors and windows. Noise was coming from inside and occasionally people entered and exited the nondescript door. “What’s inside?” I whisper to the bouncer…He looks me up and down and replies “Le Syndicat”. I nod and turn back to my friend. “No idea. Probably drugs”. We move on.

Actually, I find out a few days later, that Le Syndicat is a clandestine bar. More than than, they categorize themselves as a political organisation (on Facebook at least). Their goal? To encourage followers/patrons to rediscover forgotten French liqueur. Had we forgotten it? More like us foreigners haven’t even heard of some of these classic French spirits.

So go, drink*, and remember French liqueur in a clandestine bar that won’t stay secret for much longer…

Le Syndicat
51 rue du faubourg saint Denis

Metro Chateau d’Eau

Prices – around 10 euro for a cocktail

Open – Mon-Sat 6pm-2am

* not too much though or they’ll end up forgotten again

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