Madam Mayor, I’ve an idea: Parisians vote on city projects

Back in September 2014, Paris’ citizens were invited to vote on what projects they wanted their city to finance. Nine projects came to the top of the list, and are currently being developed all over the capital. These include vertical wall gardens, co-working spaces for students and entrepreneurs, children’s play areas and street art installations… (read on)

Last week (Tuesday 13th January), the Mayor and her deputy unveiled a new website entitled ‘Madame la Maire, j’ai une idée’ (Madam Mayor, I’ve an idea). It’s designed to encourage Parisians of all ages and nationalities to submit ideas for what projects should be financed in 2015. There are 426 millions euros to go around – a record sum for budgetary city investment.

The wall garden at the Quai du Branly

Applications can be submitted from January 14 – March 15, and shortlisted project ideas will be revealed in June. In September, Parisians will be able to vote for their favourites. Looking on the website, there are already nearly 400 applications, and 1000 people signed up, which is no surprise following the positive response from last year.

On the site, Mayor Anne Hidalgo explains,

“Pour bâtir une ville juste, progressiste et durable, l’intelligence collective est notre plus grande force. L’échange et le débat sont nos outils les plus puissants.”

In order to build a legitimate, progressive and durable city, collective intelligence is our greatest strength. Exchange and debate are our most powerful tools.

Have a look at the English explanation of the Mayor’s participatory budget here, and the (French) site for idea applications is here.

Why am I posting about this? Because in recent days Paris has been getting a bit of a name for division. I don’t want to comment on that right now, but I would like to share some of the cohesion and communication that this city offers.

What’s your idea?

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