Vertical gardens, small stables and honeyed beer

Sound like I’ve been down the rabbit hole with Alice? Not at all! In fact, I’m leading you up a garden wall to a bar on the hip-to-the-bo-bo rue des Petites-Ecuries (Small Stables) in Paris’ tenth arrondissement…

So to avoid any confusion about where this bar and restaurant is located, they’ve kindly called themselves Les Petites Ecuries, saving you time and character space on any texts/tweets/FB posts. Also, you’ll never forget what road it’s on. Clever.


OutUpstanding greenery

At Les Petites Ecuries, what stands out immediately is their beautiful vertical garden, which Mayor Anne Hidalgo would be proud of (she’s a big fan of them). There’s a well-heated downstairs terrace – a godsend for shivering smokers – and a charming balcony area above, all watched over by that beautiful wall of green.

Of honeyed minds

My mind wasn’t too ‘honeyed’ thankfully, I can still remember the evening. I came with a friend and we were recommended to share a bottle of “Bière de miel bio” made by the Dupont brewery in Belgium. Don’t be put off by the “miel” (honey) description, it’s a delicious and light beer that’s perfect for an after-work drink à deux. They also had many other artisanal beers on offer and a satisfying wine selection. There were plenty of people arriving to have dinner too, but I can’t speak for the food – we filled up our tanks on honey beer.

Plus points for:

Of special note has to be the quality of the toilets. It might sound strange, but clean, spacious toilets with locks that work and plenty of toilet paper are a rare breed in Paris. Plus there are two armchairs just outside if you decide you need a post/pre-loo rest (yes, I found this a bit odd).


Les Petites Ecuries
40 rue des Petites-Ecuries


Poissonnière, Chateau d’Eau, Bonne Nouvelle

Down in one,

Honey Mustard

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