Arts & Culture festival in Paris: Onze Bouge

It’s festival time again in Paris! The sun seems to bring out the culture vultures in Paris. So let’s all go along to the “Festival Onze Bouge” in the 11th arrondissement from 6-13 June to flap our artistic wings and snap up some creative morsels…

©Baptiste Morin
From music to street art via slam, workshops and standup comedy, the Onze Bouge festival is coming to take over the 11th arrondissement once again and turn it into a creative hub. Discover places, artists and performers you never knew existed.

This year, among others, there’ll be: afro-electro-latino music, a garden party, a mentalist (!) and participative art installations. It’s safe to say there’s something for all tastes…

A full list of events/dates/times/places is here:

In the meantime you might want to think about volunteering. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and celebrate the 17th birthday of the festival. Contact the organizers via Facebook.

Tickets are available from the website or directly from the kiosk in front of the 11th arrondissement’s town hall, métro Voltaire. If you look at the poster below, you’ll notice “Spectacles Gratuits” on the header. Events are FREE!* Hurrah!

*buying tickets online costs 2€
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