Coworking café craze

Forget offices or working from home in your PJs, it’s all about coworking in cafés now. I’ve been seeing more and more of these cute work-friendly spaces popping up around Paris, so I’m office-ially drawing your attention to three I’m familiar with, in case you need to get out of the house, or get fired and need to work on your CV…


24 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

CRAFT is small, but makes a damn good cappuccino (thanks to its coffee from Lomi) and tasty homemade cakes. The work space at the back is well laid-out, with free wifi and plug sockets everywhere. Perfect for a recharge in every sense.


29 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

Just opposite CRAFT is another co-working space, aptly named Cowork. The first hour costs 4 euro, and every supplementary hour is 3. Drinks and snacks are unlimited, and there’s a lot of space to work in.


79 Rue Quincampoix 75003 Paris France

Pay for time, consume for free. The AntiCafé has the same principle as the Cowork Shop. It’s located in the charming rue Quincampoix, right around the corner from the Pompidou Centre. The downstairs space is good to get away from the crowd, and they also have a selection of board games, in case you need a distraction from that essay…

Now get back to work!


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