"Do you speak Touriste?" A guide for Parisians about tourists!

The preconception that Parisians are not the most friendly bunch when it comes to tourists is clearly not 100% correct, but that’s a cliché for you. There is, however, an element of truth in there… and the Town Hall wants to do something about it! They have produced a website, and a downloadable guide, with key *facts* and insights into 17 different cultures called “Do you speak Touriste?” (yes, if ever you needed an example about the infiltration of English into the French language, this is it). Enjoy…

CRT Paris Île de France

Obviously, my first reaction was to have a look at the English fact sheet. There are some pretty impressive cultural observations…

English people

1. Are particularly concerned when it comes to how they have their steak (well done).
2. Expect professional and efficient public transport (because England…?)
3. Are critical of high restaurant prices in touristy areas.
4. As the photo* would imply, Englishmen have a penchant for very well-coiffed hair.
5. Are demanding: expecting friendliness and a smile from the service sector (outrageous. Send them home.)
* if this girl is English, I’m French.
Now, USA, are you ready?


1. All wear white t-shirts. Mostly crop-tops (wait, here are the English girls!)
2. Spend a lot on gastronomic dinners but won’t say no to a food truck.
3. Are fine with waiting in queues and really appreciate a nice bench.
4. Expect courtesy and helpfulness from taxi drivers (again, another shocking expectation.)
5. Have noticed a severe lack of disability access in Paris (see above)

Enjoy the other 17 cultural breakdowns, here: http://doyouspeaktouriste.fr/ , especially you, enthusiastic eco-friendly Spaniards.

Politely yours,


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