"Take Me (I’m Yours)" exhibition

Go see an exhibition, take a piece of it home.
That’s pretty much the concept of “Take Me (I’m Yours)” currently showing at the Monnaie de Paris, France’s national mint. Visitors are invited to touch, move around, swap and pocket items from the displays. From the displays, I repeat, not the vaults.

Why give pieces away?

Like coins, works of art are destined to be disseminated.” 

The exhibition is a collaboration by thirty international artists, and was curated by Christian Boltanski and Hans Ulrich Obrist. This not the first edition of “Take Me (I’m Yours)”. It first appeared 21 years ago at the Serpentine gallery in London.


The ephemeral, interactive nature of the exhibition is part of its ‘statement’. With every item that’s moved or removed, the ensemble changes. There’s also a question about the value of art being raised here.

Hundreds of miniature Eiffel Towers – yes, now’s your chance to get one and not feel embarrassed at having paid for it -, piles of clothes, newspapers and other objects are waiting for you to find them… You have until October 25.


Monnaie de Paris
11, quai de Conti, 75006 PARIS


16 September – 25 October 2015
11am-7pm (Thursday late – 10pm)


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