10h10: Co-working, cake and canapés


The co-working café craze doesn’t look like it’s running out of steam. I was invited to check out a relatively new one in the Sentier district, “10h10“. Two doors down from one of my first jobs in Paris, as it happens, so I sprinted past the window in case any colleagues from 2011 were still there…


All the clocks show the time as 10h10 which – because I wasn’t feeling very bright that day – confused me for few seconds. Once I’d got past this, it was time to suss out the place while discreetly removing my new (painful) boots.

The principal is similar to other co-working hubs I’ve been to, like the AntiCafé between Châtelet and Beaubourg. You pay for the time you spend, not the amount of coffee and cake you can fit in your mouth.


Tea options were good, thankfully there wasn’t more cake, fruit was nice. Freshly-brewed coffee there was not, but that’s because I couldn’t be bothered to make any – the equipment was there.


I arrived around midday, but by 1pm it was clear this is a popular place. I felt bad having taken a two-person sofa (good choice of sofas + seating variety FYI) when a group of three had to squeeze around a tiny table. Clearly not that bad though, as I threw my jacket over the sofa, and went to make a cup of tea in my socks.

Tarifs: 4.50€/hour or 20€/day, with discounts for students. Rooms can also be rented out. Apparently, they’re opening another one soon.

19 Rue de Cléry, Paris 2ème
01 42 33 74 01

Metro: Sentier

Coworking Café

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