Paris Urbanism: Updates

Today we’re looking at the future of Paris. What will the city look like in a few years, or even in a couple of months’ time? Here’s a selection of some of the Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s projects that have been approved recently. I think I like Anne.

Water taxis/hover pods/alien ships

Eseabubbleveryone’s been talking about the Sea Bubbles that will be buzzing up and down the river Seine this summer. Drunk taxi hailing will have new risks.



Geothermic heating for a whole district

Last Thursday (Feb 23), a geothermic power station under the Clichy-Batignolles district was inaugurated. Developers hope that it will produce enough electricity to power 83% of the neighbourhood.

40% less advertising space

oranginaNot that I don’t love those weird sexynotsexy Orangina animals (are they still around?), but it is a good idea to reduce the size of advertising boards by 40%.

Yes, that’s an old man with a lingerie-clad deer on his lap.




Driverless shuttle buses across the Seine

Catch one while you can: these electric mini shuttle buses are in operation until April across the Charles de Gaulle bridge, between the Gare de Lyon and the Gare d’Austerlitz. Trial phase is free for passengers, from 14h-20h. I can feel a bus driver strike coming on…


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