Alphabet restaurant challenge: A-D!

Partner and I have decided to get out of our routine and play a new resto-game, where every time we go out for lunch or dinner (probably once a week/ten days) we have to follow the letters of the alphabet – country themed! This started a month ago, so here’s where we’ve been so far (with only one poor decision and a minor cheat.)


First off, we hit the ground running with Argentinian and had some rather tasty cheap empanadas (4€ each) at Clasico Argentino, just down the road from Ledru-Rollin. 75012.


Deciding that South American food rocks, we stuck to our continent of choice and went for Brazilian! We opted for Porta da Selva by Chateau d’Eau. Finally, somewhere in Paris that knows what real spicy food is. Delicious. 75010.


Not so much of a success, we got lazy on a Sunday and tried a new Chinese takeaway down the road. I can’t remember its name, and that says about all there is to say about it. Sorry to those proper Chinese eateries. 75011.


We found D really hard! On a snowy winter’s night, we didn’t feel like daring Danish, and I was told that “Democratic Republic of” was cheating. Even Dominican was tricky on a Monday night. So we had to improvise… and we went regional. Delhi ! New Delhi, to be honest – an Indian restaurant down the Passage Brady where food is cheap but probably not very authentic. I’ll admit I still enjoyed it. 75010.

That’s where we’re up to as of today. Next up, E. I’ve already been shot down for even muttering “England…?”. Otherwise, I’d be excited to try Egyptian, Ethiopian or Eritrean, so many options! I’ll update and hopefully remember to take pictures next time 😉

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