Alphabet challenge: F & G !

(Welcome back to my short series on following the alphabet every time I & partner eat out in Paris. Today: F and G.)

Yes, we went French. Which I was fine with, but I couldn’t help remember an uncompromising NON when it came to my suggestion of “England?” last week. Bref. We went to a regular French brasserie in the 12th and it scored a solid 7/10.

More interesting was G. And thank goodness we have two languages between us because in French,  G left us with slim pickings. There was a nice-looking Georgian restaurant over on the Left Bank but it was raining, so…


And what do you know, there is a German bar/diner right by our flat! Who doesn’t love sausages and proper beer for dinner (someone trying a healthy-eating vegetarian diet that’s who, but anyway). There were even some real-life Germans at the bar, but I was told not to take a photo of them.


Café Titon, rue Titon, 75011.

Here are our options for next time:

Holy See (Catholic cooking?!)
Hong Kong

See you next time…

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