Alphabet challenge: HIJKLM


My challenge to follow the alphabet (according to country) when eating out in Paris continues with a flurry of recent restaurants…

H was tricky. Sorry, Hungary, but we just weren’t hungry for your cooking style. As for Haiti and the Honduras, well there are surprisingly little of your cuisines over here in France. So we bent the rules a little and went for Hong Kong. No, not your regular Chinese takeaway, a Cantonese restaurant called Gold Dragon that specializes in sizzling ceramic bowls of rice with eel, spicy pig’s ear and other less intimidating ingredients. All of which apparently you’d find in HK.

Address: Gold Dragon, 54 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012.

I = India. Easy. But not excellent. I still have yet to find a really good Indian restaurant in Paris. Not worth giving the address.

J = Japan. I love Sushi Sunday. Although I’m under no illusions that our local takeaway is in any way ‘traditional’ Japanese cuisine…



K = Korea. What a great excuse to discover another restaurant on the unassuming rue de Montreuil. Midam might have slow service, but the food was worth the wait. Here’s a melting scoop of green tea ice cream.

Address: Midam, 38 rue de Montreuil, 75011.



L = Lebanon. A new ‘trendy’ Lebanese falafel bar has opened on our road called, unfortunately, BRO. But we forgive the BROs for their attempt at hipster branding, because they do make generous and delicious falafel.

Address: BRO Falafel bar, 217 rue du faubourg saint Antoine, 75011.

M = Mexico. Still not straying more than a 5-minute walk from home, we tested the tiny Adelita restaurant run by a husband and wife team. Choose from a selection of ingredients for your fajitas or burrito, including cactus and super spicy homemade sauces. Even the wine comes from Mexico.

Address: Adelita, 73 rue Crozatier, 75012

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