About ERK

I’m Emily.
I moved from the UK to start a life in Paris after finishing university in 2010. I’d already spent a year here as a poor Erasmus student. Then I came back as a poor intern. When I started earning actual money, I realised I was so proud of having scraped through that I’d dug my fingernails into this city’s streets.
Being foreign is hard in Paris if you want in on the real city. But there’s so much fun to be had here that every time I discover something different, I want to let others in on it too.
My particular interest is the literary/creative anglophone scene in Paris. I speak French, but it’s not my native language, so I tend to write on the English-speaking scene. There are so many little pockets of creativity bursting out of unexpected places in Paris: underground bars, people’s houses, artists’ squats…
I love to share, which is where the name of the blog comes from:
 Adj. Ardent; enthusiastic
A nod to my actual real-life-off-screen name
Great in both French and British forms. Especially good with Roast Beef.
Get in contact with me at “emily at parislitup dot com”



1 Response to About ERK

  1. Manon says:


    Je souhaiterais vous contacter dans le cadre d’une projection d’un documentaire sur la Reine d’Angleterre.

    Serait-il possible que vous me contactiez par mail ?

    Bien à vous


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